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The 30 year fixed rate home loan packages are coming out at an interest rate of 4.125% and are backed by an annual percentage rate of 4.281%. The mortgage provider highlights the popular 15 year fixed rate mortgage deals in its loan books at an interest rate of 4.000% and an APR yield of 4.187%. 5 year adjustable rate mortgage home loan packages, are now traded at a starting rate of 3.375% and an annual return of 3.554%.

30 year fixed rate mortgage loans are being advertised at an interest rate of 4.250% and an APR yield of 4.364% today. The relatively shorter, 15 year refinancing fixed rate mortgage options are now up for grabs at a lending price of 4.125% and an APR yield...

The fastest growing mortgage professionals in Southern California just added another top Realtor to their organization. Kevin Leonard and his team have taken over the real estate market in Southern California by storm.

(PRWEB) July 16, 2014

Home loans expert Kevin Leonard and his team of mortgage originators have been adding real estate agents almost on a daily basis. The team announced a new member to their team this week in Riverside County. The new Realtor will help the team in finding homes for the mortgage consultant’s clients who are pre-approved for a home purchase in Riverside, California. Riverside is located about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, and enjoys a population...

HIGH POINT, NC So you have bad credit Now what?

Certified Credit Counselor Sarah Hutchinson visited FOX8 on Tuesday to provide tips for what to do if you have bad credit.

For more information about Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greensboro, call 336-373-8882.

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Not surprisingly, the attention being paid to the mounting pile of student debt in this country is attracting the attention of possible fraudsters. Companies are springing up that offer to assist desperate borrowers whittle away their debt – for a hefty price – but really do nothing to help.

Finally, two of these debt relief services are being taken to task by the state of Illinois. Two companies, First American Tax Defense LLC and Broadsword Student Advantage LLC, are being sued by Attorney General Lisa Madigan for exacting fees of up to $1200 from consumers hoping to reduce or eliminate their student loan debt. In return for outrageous upfront fees...

A few weeks ago I did a lecture and mentioned during my presentation that there has been a lot of talk about negative interest rates.

In simple terms, think of this as paying a fee on the money you keep in your bank account. In addition to losing out on interest, you would have to pay a fee to store your money there.

As it turned out, the day after my presentation the European Central Bank adopted a negative interest rate policy for its member firms. To be clear, member firms are large commercial banks, and these rates dont yet apply to regular consumers.

The main reason behind a negative interest policy is to discourage institutions from storing excess capital with...

Powers Marketing Group happily announces that it is now offering live internet chat student debt sales leads to debt help professionals specializing in student loans.  Powers Marketing Group has earned a reputation as one of the best sales lead development and marketing help organizations around through unshakeable dedication to clients in a variety of industries as well as a willingness to use new and innovative methods for advertising.  For any company, big or small, Powers Marketing Group has marketing solutions and sales leads to drive the growth that every business owner wants.

Higher education has become increasingly important in the last several decades.  Where once a high...

QUESTION: I appreciate your column. It is very informative. I was wondering if working with a credit counseling service to lower your interest rate affects your credit score. While our scores are good (715-730), we overextended ourselves and the interest/finance charges on our credit cards are outrageous (29.99 percent in some cases). Our goal is to get the balances down as much as possible. I know not using the card will be one of your suggestions, but it will take much longer because anything extra we pay is eaten up by the interest. Please help!

– Marie

ANSWER: Thank you for the kind words. Im glad you enjoy the column. Lets see what we can do to answer...

Huge financial obligations are hard to forget or ignore, but those small sums? They can easily slip underground. For a while.

Little liabilities, though, can be as lethal to a credit rating as larger ones — when they go unpaid.

According to the credit reporting agency Equifax, almost 200,000 of todays credit files contain collection accounts for amounts of less than $100. Many people discover them at the worst possible time, too, such as when theyre shopping for a mortgage, vehicle loan or credit card. Have one on your record and good terms vanish, as lenders hike up interest rates or back off entirely.

Dont let minor bills turn into major trouble. Read on for tales...

I don’t know about you but I keep feeling that this year is whizzing by! It is already July. Most of us start each new-year with great plans but the problem tends to be with execution. In January you planned to start afresh with a clean slate; did you list the personal, financial or professional goals or plans that you wished to accomplish this year? How have you fared? Have you made any progress? When was the last time you reviewed those goals?

It is important to review the progress you are making with your finances periodically; half way through the year is a good time to reflect on your goals and plans, take stock, and see if you have lived up to your own expectations. It is a good...

This year is more than half gone. Amid your summer vacation and plans for fun in the sun, find time now for your mid-year financial checkup.

Like many, you probably picked a financial goal for this year, such as pay off debt or generally get your financial house in order. Now reevaluate your intentions and take a good look at where you stand. Start reviewing the following:

o Spending plan. Cash flow management is key to a successful financial future and knowing where your money goes a must in creating a plan.

If you still need a spending plan, use Excel or another application to start tracking where your money goes. Scrutinize amounts you pay for such fixed expenses as your...