(Beijing) – An Apple fan in China willing to wait in a long queue for a newly arrived iPhone 6 may be in for a disappointment.

The Chinese version of the smartphone, which stores started selling October 17, is missing a snappy feature that is common in similar gadgets sold in the United States: the Apple Pay automatic payment system.

China UnionPay Co. Ltd., a state company that controls all debit and credit card services in the country, reportedly reached a deal with Apple Inc. to link its UnionPay cards with the Apple Pay feature. But it is not available yet. In fact, iPhone6 owners may have to wait until March to access the swipe-and-pay feature in China.


As a candidate for the Fountain Valley School District’s Board of Trustees, Gary Stine plans to leverage his knowledge of the technicalities and regulations involved in running school districts. Stine, director of support services for the Orange County Department of Education, works on a team involved with providing payroll, retirement services and tax filing services.

Stine also serves as a board member for Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Orange County. This nonprofit agency is geared toward helping Orange County residents who find themselves in financial difficulty because of debt get back on their feet.

Q. What drives you to be involved in your school district...

The government, in recent days, has been giving one set of bankers nearly everything they want.

In this case, the lucky lenders are mortgage bankers, who for months had pressed federal agencies to loosen regulations on the home loan market. The regulators, eager to increase the flow of housing credit, seemed happy to make the adjustments. Just this week, they relaxed agreements that help shield taxpayers from losses on bad mortgages, and they watered down a regulation that aimed to set safe standards for home loans.

The government is in a tight spot. Some six years after the financial crisis, thousands of apparently creditworthy borrowers are being shut out of the housing market...

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — With the biggest holiday shopping days just around the corner, consumers can avoid accumulating a large chunk of debt can be accomplished by not charging their purchases.

Consumers spend an average of $800 on holiday-related expenses and many people wind up racking up large credit card bills by not planning ahead.

Failing to plan on how they will pay for holiday gifts equals dire consequences for consumers who are saddled with paying the interest long after the purchases are made, said Gail Cunningham, spokesperson for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), the Washington, DC-based national nonprofit financial counseling organization.



A debt counselling charity is to open a new centre near Boston in a bid to cut the amount of people who are struggling with their personal finances.

Christians Against Poverty will open the centre at the New Life Fellowship in Kirton on November 10 the same day it launches a sister service in Sleaford.

The organisation already has three centres in Lincolnshire one in Lincoln, one in Market Rasen and one in Stamford but said it wanted to move into Boston and Sleaford as it believes there is high demand for its services.

Anna Maltby, manager of the new Sleaford centre, said: The church has always been about offering hope and were...

Long seen as having devastated Sun Belt cities, the subprime mortgage crisis unleashed turmoil on Ohio and other rural areas. Now federal officials are pledging regulatory attention and financial help.

Subprime loans were distributed in the rural US at even higher rates on average than in metropolitan counties. Much of it was concentrated in Appalachia and other areas stretching from Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky to Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and the Great Plains, according to government data provided to The Associated Press by researchers at the US Department of Agriculture and Middlebury College.

Its a shift from conventional wisdom that larger metro areas were...

Digging out of a lot of debt isnt easy. But even huge mountains of debt can be conquered, as these three women prove. Together they paid off $188,000 in debt without winning the lottery or coming into a windfall of cash. Heres how they did it.

Joyce Paid Off $28,000 in Credit Card Debt

Joyce recently made the last payment on some $28,000 she had accumulated on seven credit cards. She did it through the help a debt management plan through the non-profit credit counseling agency Cambridge Credit Counseling. She shared her story with me in a phone conversation, and asked me not to use her last name:

I am a credit card Gigi. If I can buy it on time, its fine. At least thats...

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)-The holidays are quickly approaching, and now is the time to take steps so you can enjoy the best of the season without the stress. Nancy Loftis, finance expert with the WOTV 4 Women Crew, has some tips for planning your holiday finances.

Step 1 – Know Where You Stand Financially

  • Review your overall budget
  • Review last year’s holiday spending
  • Develop a list of all possible expenses
    • Include friends, family, co-workers, teacher’s gifts, special meals and parties, decor

Step 2 – Set a Reasonable Holiday Budget

  • Talk to your spouse, friends and family first
  • Discuss...

Families hoping to assist their child in paying for college may soon have greater access to federal student loans under a plan recently finalized by the Department of Education and Obama administration.

The new plan, which could be implemented as early as next spring, would loosen credit standards for families borrowing from the Department of Educations Parent Plus program, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Parent Plus loans are designed to cover tuition and living expenses when undergraduates reach the limits of their federal Stafford loans.

Under the new plan, the Dept. of Education will now only review the past two years of a parents credit history for delinquencies...

Analysts expect the trend to continue, forecasting a 38% EPS gain in the fourth quarter.

During the third quarter, the company signed new agreements to provide email marketing services for beauty retailer Sephora as well as co-brand credit card services for GameStop (NYSE:GME) and BJs Wholesale Club.

The companys consistent earnings performance can be seen by its earnings stability rating of 4. The earnings stability rating has a scale of 1 to 99, with 0 being the most stable. Alliance has a highest-possible 99 Composite Rating, leading the payment-processing industry group.