Lance Wilson walked into the RadioShack on Brentwood Boulevard and made a beeline to a tall metal case at the back of the store.

He rummaged through a couple of shallow drawers and, within seconds, found what he needed: a 22 picofarad capacitor.

Wilson’s hunt this week for just the right electronics bit illustrates both the rise and fall of RadioShack, which on Feb. 5 entered bankruptcy with a plan to liquidate itself.

For decades, RadioShack was the go-to place for buyers of diodes, resistors, cables and other electronic components. When the retailer introduced its TRS-80 home computer in 1977, RadioShack helped usher in the digital age.

However, the explosion...

Editors Note: This article is one of two columns published in the Argus Leader as part of a debate on payday loans. You can read the opposing viewpoint here: Payday loans: Industry already is heavily regulated. The Argus Leader published an article about this issue in December: Payday loans could cease in South Dakota

Every gold rush winds down sooner or later. That day has come for the poverty profiteers who bilk millions from South Dakotas poor and elderly through high-interest predatory lending.

Its called the poverty industry; payday and title loan shops, casinos, pawn shops and the subprime credit card industry. Its the backside of our Great Faces and Great Places. Those...

Pepper Home Loans has announced rate reductions across its non-conforming loan products.

Brokers will now be able to access non-conforming home loans offering unlimited debt consolidation, unlimited credit impairment, and the ability to payout ATO debts with rates from 5.75% per annum for full documentation and 6.19% per annum for alternative documentation.

Mario Rehayem, Pepper’s director of sales and distribution, said the pricing was competitive.

The lender was named Australia’s 2015 ‘Best Specialist Lender’ for a third consecutive year at last the 2015 Australian Lending Awards.

Pepper also took out the 2015 Best Self-Employed Lender...

Family Finances: Opportunity cost (dun dun dun)

You remember opportunity cost from economics class. Its the idea that the cost of your decision is the thing you didnt choose. We know your kids’ value can’t be measure in dollars, but here’s an interesting way to look at their impact on your finances.

February 26, 2015; 9:15 AM bull; by Amanda Gibson

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Indie authors need to be able to have their own point of sale systems in order to sell their books. Major conventions like the Romance Writers of America and other tradeshows don’t provide any avenues for authors to sell their print or digital books. Instead, authors are now employing mobile payment systems in order to gain a higher share of the revenue and have more versatility than simply using Paypal.

Self-published authors are a savvy bunch and the most successful ones are not sitting at home, hoping to sell their books online on Amazon or Kobo. Instead they are pounding the pavement, participating in book tours and doing autograph sessions. Some, are bypassing the traditional...

America Saves Week, which ends Saturday, is the perfect time to introduce Alaska Saves — a local twist on a national initiative to help individuals and families dig themselves out of debt and create a culture of savings. It’s about “starting small and thinking big.” It’s about setting a goal and making a plan. 

Alaska Saves offers free tools, resources and support to first put a plan in place, and then stick to it.

It all starts with a personal pledge to save. Whether you want to save for an emergency, a new baby, a vacation, or anything in between, Alaska Saves prompts Alaskans to think about their financial goals — and then...

A new service has been launched that assists consumers who were previously turned down for a mortgage or need help building their credit.

Take Charge America is now offering home-ready counseling in which certified counselors provide one-on-one counseling sessions addressing mortgage requirements including down payments and debt-to-income ratio.

Additionally, counselors analyze credit scores and develop personalized action plans to help potential homebuyers rebuild their credit in order to be approved for a home loan. These plans include describing how to deal with creditor issues, recognizing how to increase point values with each of the three credit bureaus, and a task timeline...

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TO SAVE time and money and to help achieve dreams are some of the goals New Zealand Home Loans Franklin Districts office has in mind for each one of the clients they deal with.New Zealand Home Loans are helping New Zealand people achieve dreams and become debt free as they work alongside Century21 Gold Real Estate, Manurewa.

By Trish Watson

TO SAVE time and money and to help achieve dreams are some of the goals New Zealand Home Loans Franklin District’s office has in mind for each one of the clients they deal with.

John van Winden, business owner, established the Franklin District office in 2009, and now manages $140 million worth of home...

JESS Bailey reckons she is to finances what Michelle Bridges is to fitness.

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Most people could benefit from financial advice but, in many cases, they simply dont know where to go to get sound advice and they dont want to find themselves in the middle of a sales pitch. Look no further than the free 2015 Alabama Money Expo being held on Saturday, March 7th at Carver High School in Birmingham, Alabama. If you have financial questions this is a great place to get answers (no sales pitches!) on just about any topic. Financial Education Outreach, a non-profit organization, is bringing in financial experts across a wide variety of financial topics. Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • One-on-one financial advice. Youll be able to sit down...